Terms and Conditions of Use

Terms used

simpliq.com - refers to the site owned and operated by Net Solution Hosting SRL, J02/1154/2013, RO32398460, having its headquarters in Romania, the town of Arad, at 25-29 Avrig Street. The SUPPLIER of all dedicated servers, collocation services and any other services that can be contracted through the www.simpliq.com website or by phone order is Net Solution Hosting SRL. The term Net Solution in the present document reffers to Net Solution Hosting SRL, a Romanian Limited Liability company, having the above contact and financial details.
The present document defines the situations under which Net Solution agrees to supply its services to its clients. Also, this document constitutes a legally binding contract between Net Solution and its clients, therefor by using any or all Net Solution services and by using the www.simpliq.com website you agree to all the current Terms and Conditions.
All clients and users of services and/or products offered by Net Solution are subject of the current Terms and Conditions therefor by using the Net Solution website and Net Solution services you are bound to accept all these Terms and Conditions.

Collected Information and Information Privacy

Net Solution, through its www.simpliq.com website collects and retains information about its clients and visitors. These informations are collected during your visit to the website, while you're ordering a Net Solution services and when you get in touch by phone with one of the Net Solution sales representatives or technical department personnel. This information is exclusively used by Net Solution and primary to monitor our staff, for quality control purposes and finally, to inform you about Net Solution's new products and services. This information will not be used by any third party, unless expressly stated so.
Net Solution respects your privacy, thus all information collected will not be made public and deferred to a 3rd party, unless otherwise stated by governing laws of Romania and the European Union and only to law enforcement organizations if requested through a subpoena.
Through the current Terms and Conditions you agree that Net Solution will provide all relevant details to competent organizations and law enforcement agencies that investigate illegal activities and network breaches. Also, Net Solution reserves the right to comply with these requests without prior notification to you. Furthermore, Net Solution reserves the right to suspend any services provided if requested by law enforcement agencies, without any notice.
The Client acknowledges that all Net Solution services, products and prices are public and known to him. You also acknowledge that Net Solution can change product and service specifications without any notice.

Ordering Net Solution Services

Ordering any Net Solution service or product can be done either online through the www.simpliq.com website, either by phone with the help of a Net Solution sales representative.
The Client acknowledges that he has to supply accurate, real and complete contact and financial details when ordering a Net Solution service or product.
Net Solution reserves the right to ask for further information when it's needed. Also, Net Solution cannot be held liable for any issues occurring out of not supplying the above mentioned details.

Paying for Net Solution services

After the Client signs up for a Net Solution service his or her details are entered in the Net Solution billing system and an invoice is issued. The Client agrees that all invoices shall be issued electronically and sent by email.
All Net Solution services and products are to be paid in advance, based on the invoices issued. The maximum payment term for outstanding invoices is 15 days after the date of issuance.
All payments can be made either by Credit Card, PayPal or wire transfer. All relevant payment details are enclosed in the invoices issued.
Net Solution reserves the right to apply penalties of 1% of the outstanding balance per day if the payment time frame of 15 days is exceeded.
Also, Net Solution reserves the right to suspend the provided services if the payment timeframe of 15 days is exceeded.

Service Activation

The activation of any Net Solution services is done only after payment has been made or proof of payment has been supplied.

Money-Back Guarantee

Some of the services supplied by Net Solutionbenefit from a 30 day money-back guarantee, only if the services provided are not in compliance with the specifications provided on the website.
The 30 day money-back guarantee doesn't apply to the dedicated server plans or collocation services.
Also, all setup fees are non-refundable. Furthermore, no fees are refundable if the present Terms and Conditions are breached.

Breaching the Terms and Conditions

Net Solution appreciates all efforts of its clients and visitors to inform the company of any breach of the present Terms and Conditions. Anytime it's possible we ask our clients and visitors to notify us of any breach of the present Terms and Conditions. Please send, if possible, all the details containing information about any breach of the present Terms and Conditions to abuse@simpliq.com

Network and Data Security

The Net Solution DataCenter hosts sensitive and confidential data. Thefore the network and data security is our number one priority. Any attempt of intrusion will not be tolerated and law enforcement agencies will be notified the instance such and intrusion attempt will be discovered. Net Solution legal advisers will go to full length to prosecute and convict any person attempting to breach the security of the network and data hosted in the Net Solution DataCenter.
Also, all of the following is strictly prohibited:

Final Notes

Any misbehavior towards the Net Solution staff or partners or any other action deemed to be inappropriate or degrading will *NOT* be tolerated. Furthermore, Net Solution will suspend/delete any or all data of the client to be found in breach of the above, without any prior notification. Also, no refunds will be issued if a client will be found to be in breach of the above.
All clients and users of Net Solution services, as well as the visitors of the www.simpliq.com website are the subject of the present Terms and Conditions and by using the Net Solution services, you agree with all Terms and Conditions depicted in the present document.
Net Solution reserves the right to modify the present document without any prior notification. By using the Net Solution services as well as browsing our site you acknowledge these Terms and Conditions. Please check back monthly in order to read the updated document.
In case you don't agree with the present Terms and Conditions you agree not to visit our website or use the Net Solution services.